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Trace back our history and follow our path in becoming a leading financial information data provider.

- Chapter I -

Taking root


Ticker AG, the ancestor of SIX Financial Information, is founded by a consortium of Swiss Banks.

Ticker AG’s initial objective was to transmit prices for the Zurich Securities Exchange by means of a stock ticker.

1930 - Ticker


The first stock exchange television service is introduced in Switzerland.

In line with advancing technical progress and global economic growth, Ticker AG began operating the world’s first stock exchange television service (Börsenfernsehen), making it possible to track the prices of a maximum of ninety stocks at once.

That same year, Ticker AG becomes known as Telekurs Ltd.

1961 - Börsenfernsehen

- Chapter II -

Substantial growth


Investdata, the first financial information display for online information.

In 1975, when information technology began to revolutionize banking, Telekurs Ltd. launched Investdata, the first financial information display for online information. This innovative system enabled clients to directly access financial information from Telekurs, with a database containing 95,000 securities, on their terminals.

1975 - Börsenbüro in einer Bank


Telekurs expands internationally.

Globalization prompted the company to expand into the international markets, opening its first satellite offices in 1986 in Germany followed by – Amsterdam, Luxembourg and New York in 1987.


A step into a new era.

Telekurs strategically refocused from being support-oriented towards banks, into a profit-oriented company with a competitive drive and pricing policy. It embarked upon an ambitious investment program that saw the launch of a new generation of financial information products.


Telekurs changes to holding structure.

Telekurs Ltd. was restructured into a holding company under the brand Telekurs Group and expanded its range of services. The financial information business continued under the name of Telekurs Financial.

- Chapter III -

Branching out


Acquisition of the Fininfo Group.

Telekurs Group expanded its activities in the realm of financial data, taking over the financial information business of the French Fininfo Group.


Merging of the Telekurs Group, SWX Swiss Exchange and SIS SEGAInterSettle AG

Increasing its forte, Telekurs Group, SWX Swiss Exchange, and SIS SEGAInterSettle AG merged together to form the SIX Group. Telekurs Financial, renamed to SIX Telekurs, became the Financial Information division of the SIX Group and expanded its international presence from 16 to 23 locations.


SIX Telekurs rebranded to SIX Financial Information.

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